An Alternate View

Towards the end of 2012 Telegram Sam, a player-character in the Eve On-Line game, decided to host an Eve fan fiction competition. It proved to be a popular event and attracted official support from CCP games and EON magazine. In the end there were nearly 100 entries and some standout stories. You can find links to all the submissions on Sam’s blog and the results on the Eve Forums.

I had a half started piece of Eve fiction back in 2006 but abandoned it when other things got in the way. The competition acted as a motivator to finishing it and closing off the story. After much clacking of keyboards the piece was submitted and my first complete story since English ‘O’ Levels some 26 years ago was finished. I enjoyed the writing and may do more, but on my own terms and not in anyone else’s imagined universe.

Much of what I’d originally written was reworked but the opening line remained intact:

“Cracked holo projectors running the latest Scope skin flick filled the bar with pink and neon, the images distorting every few minutes as the aging hardware struggled to keep up with the pirate feed’s rolling encryption.”

Read the full short story here.

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