Farewell EON

It was with a little sadness, but no great surprise, that I read EON, the paper-based Eve On-Line magazine, has come to an end. Published quarterly the magazine contained news on Eve developments, short stories and guides on various facets of the Eve universe. Unfortunately the information included in the magazine was usually out of date before each issue was shipped. This, coupled by the availability of the same info on the internet and compounded with an eye wateringly expensive price tag always limited the appeal of the magazine. It is a testament to the producers that it lasted as long as it did.

Early on in my Eve career I accidentally volunteered to write an ‘Insider’s Guide’ to mission running. In the end this ended up being spread over two issues and was followed up by further articles on Fleet Warfare and Gangs. The Mission guide ended up forming the majority of the Eve Wiki on the subject. With the demise of EON, I’ve now uploaded the drafts of each article back onto the site, in many ways closing the circle on why the website was first set up.

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